Mountain Bikes - An Unconventional Sport Of Today's Generation

Mountain biking is not a new sport in the strictest sense of the word. The sport itself was pioneered in the late sixties and early seventies, primarily in California. This makes it an old timer in the realm of ‘new’ sports.

But honestly, with age comes responsibility, and it’s far easier to find mountain bike parts than say… long board skateboarding components. Not that either is an especially onerous task, but mountain biking has really developed as a sport in the past two decades.

Ironically, this development as a sport has come coupled with development of many once-popular mountain bike trails as communities expand.

The increased popularity of mountain biking should come as no surprise to anyone who’s done it. The challenges of the trail, the sweat earned while busting out a climb, the adrenaline rush that accompanies a near miss, even the pain of a crash all bring the human condition into stark relief. To be biking is to be alive in a very real, persistent sense.

Modern Americans seem to need reminders that they are alive, and more than that, that they need to live. And by living we aren’t speaking of continuing to exist, but rather to reach out and experience life.

Mountain biking is an experience rich pursuit, which is part of its appeal. it gets many people out of their comfort zones, which is something everyone needs in order to grow.

But mountain biking is also a sport that requires equipment tools, and parts. Mountain Bike Parts can take the form of just about anything, from a new front fork, to rims, from shocks to chains, from replacement treads to replacement tubes; and from new brakes to a new derailer.

Derailer is the English spelling of the French word derailleur. They are the mechanism that allows a mountain bike to change gears.

Most of the things you would consider as mountain bike parts aren’t all that large, but without them it’d be fairly difficult to go on a successful ride. Whether you’re using caliper brakes or disk brakes, you don’t want to hit the trail if they aren’t functioning properly, that’s an invitation to visit the hospital.

Without a derailer it becomes nigh unto impossible to go on a ride with both climbs and down hills. Handlebars are an easy thing to spot; you won’t be maneuvering without them.

One thing the casual biker may not realize is how much less expensive it is to upgrade the bike they have with new mountain bike parts than to buy a new one.

Avid bikers hit the trail with a toolkit in tow, just in case they have to make on-trail repairs. But a startling number of mountain bikers don’t even feel comfortable adjusting their bicycle’s brakes. Now if you have a top of the line set of disc brakes, this is understandable, messing them up could cost a lot of money. But there is no reason bikers cannot adjust a rudimentary set of caliper brakes on their own. In fact, in order to change out tires, it’s necessary in most cases to unlatch the brakes first.


Buying mountain bike parts over taking your bike into the shop can save a lot of money per repair, adjustment, or upgrade. That’s just another reason that it makes sense to do it yourself, in addition to the sense of ownership.

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